Rockpool Kayaks designs and constructs innovative, high-performance sea kayaks using advanced fabrication techniques and premium composite materials. Each kayak is handcrafted and tailored to the customer’s exact specifications. Contoured designs, infinite colorways, and bespoke graphics are a just few of the features unique to the Rockpool brand.

Sea Kayak Connecticut is the United States importer and dealer for Rockpool Kayaks. We have new and demo versions for each model that Rockpool produces. Please contact us directly to schedule a demo, inquire about kayaks currently in stock, or place a custom order.


The ISEL combines agility, speed, and responsiveness in an elegant and compact form.

The Rockpool Tarantella; the future of low-volume, high-performance touring kayaks.


The BACH ETO embodies agility and stability in Rockpool’s latest high-performance design.

Pushing the boundaries of what a sea kayak can be, the TARAN 16 is an ideal pairing of speed and performance.


The MENAI 18 is a high-volume, robust sea kayak built for expeditionary use.

Representing the future of sea kayaks, the TARAN 18 is a revolutionary design with a world-class resume.