The ISEL combines agility, speed, and responsiveness in an elegant and compact form.

Fast and easy to maneuver, the Isel offers generous levels of both stability and comfort. Built specifically for smaller paddlers, the snug fitting cockpit  inspires confidence in even the most challenging of conditions.

Hull: Length: 16 feet 10 inches (5.13m) – Width: 21 inches (0.53m) – Volume: 72.91 gallons (276L)

Cockpit: Inside: 32.5″ x 14.5″ (82.50 x 36.80cm) – Outside: 35.25″ x 17.75″ (89.40 x 44.90cm)

Sharing a hull shape with the Alaw and Alaw Bach, the Isel provides a level of performance rarely seen in low volume kayaks . With a smaller cockpit, excellent boat handling characteristics and a hull design capable of maintaining impressive speed, the Isel is truly a standout. While tailored to those with a smaller frame, the ISEL has also found a following with average sized paddlers who prefer the responsiveness and connection a tailored fit can afford.  The low volume and low back deck of the ISEL will immediately resonate with both Greenland paddlers and surf enthusiasts alike.

Low Volume

A form-fitting and efficient kayak that is easy to maneuver and a pleasure to paddle.

Symmetrical Form

The widest section is at the center of the boat and at the center of the cockpit, providing exceptional balance and maneuverability.

Dynamic Hull Shape

Combining a blended firm chine, a vee shape,  and a flattened midsection, the hull provides superior handling and effortless tracking.

Low Back Deck

Whether practicing rolls or self-rescues, the unobtrusive coaming and low back deck will aid in all back deck pursuits.

Although slightly shorter and shallower than the Bach Eto, the waterline length of the Isel is still almost seventeen feet and yields superb acceleration with an impressive sustained speed. The hull tracks true and remains balanced by a combination of volume distribution and shape refinements. 

The Isel maintains a high level of directional stability when moving while the flatter center section and chined sections provide increased maneuverability and allow for tighter turns. The rounded sections of the hull give a cushioning effect in waves while the chined section aids surfing and maximizes top speed in downwind situations.

The Isel is designed to have neutral directional stability in most wind conditions and requires minimal use of the signature tensioned skeg. The bow has a prominent shape and enough volume to maintain a dry ride through the choppiest of conditions. The forward buoyancy is nicely balanced with a pronounced stern to give a gentle ride over large, steep waves and allow for big wave surfing without burying the nose. The Isel accelerates, catches and holds waves with ease. It is adept at top-turns and incredibly forgiving in rough conditions.

The fullness of the center section gives confident and predictable edging with a high level of stability. As the boat is tilted, the stern progressively lifts from the water making the turn easier and quicker to perform. This combined with the firm chines results in a smooth and fast turning boat.

The Isel has a comfortable and compact seating position which is built around a moderately elevated knee position; this aligns the legs and feet in a comfortable paddling position. This also allows for better paddling stance,  bringing the legs further into play and encouraging the paddler to rotate more to give a stronger, more efficient stroke work.

The Isel is fitted with the signature Rockpool adjustable plate footplate. Angled slightly away from the paddler, this plate affords for a wide range of neutral ankle positions while allowing the paddler to fine tune their preferred leg configuration. The lower cockpit rim gives a more snug fit for the medium-sized paddler and provides excellent feedback, and precise handling. This, paired with an adjustable saddle and backband, affords the paddler a unique and customizable cockpit for a more efficient paddling posture.

The combination of padded backrest and molded GRP adjustable seats make the Isel an ideal kayak for extended use. Both the adjustable seat and footplate are mounted on internally glassed-in hardware. The lack of drilled holes relieves the cockpit rim and deck of unnecessary stress and provides a variable seat position. The foam hip pads, located within neoprene pockets, may be foam shimmed to fine tune one’s hip connection. The backrest integrates with the seat to prevent it from collapsing while re-entering. All flat-tab deck line fittings are set flush to present a streamlined look and to make rescue drills more fluid. Internally tethered Kajaksport hatch covers come standard.

Standard Layup: $4,800.00

Weight: 55lb

Hand-laid construction
Polyester resin matrix
Fiberglass cloth hull
Chopped strand mat deck

The standard layup gives a robust and hard-wearing kayak at the lowest cost.

Premier Layup: $6,250.00

Weight: 42lb

Vacuum bag construction
Epoxy resin
Carbon/Kevlar fabric
Spheretex flush-laid reinforcing keel and ribs

The Premier layup provides the greatest amount of weight reduction.  This construction provides an ease of handling on and off the water as well as a significantly increased hull speed.

KeelEazy Keel strip | $140

Reinforcements for sail kit | $90

Fitting of sail kit (sail kit not included) | $160

Custom bulkhead location | $180

Extra Deck/Hull Color (per color) | $140

The kayaks shown below are samples of Rockpool’s unique colorways, custom graphics, and metal flake options.