Designed for slightly larger paddlers, the G.T. is a fast, responsive, and highly maneuverable sea kayak.

The G.T. is a large boat with impressive handling. The ability to comfortably sustain a deep edge   allows this high volume boat to feel like a much smaller kayak.

Hull: Length: 17 feet 10 inches (5.44m) – Width: 21 inches (0.53m) – Volume: 100.4 gallons (380 liters)

Cockpit: Inside: 30.5″ x 16″ (77.10 x 40.80cm) – Outside: 33.5″ x 18.5″ (84.80 x 47.40cm)

A large amount of work went into designing the G.T. hull to achieve an optimal combination of speed and maneuverability. The blended hull form enables the boat to quickly reach and maintain cruising speeds,  and ensure an impressive pace on downwind runs. It is a long, fast boat with plenty of volume fore and aft. The soft chines reward the skilled paddler but also provide a stable and confident platform for beginners. The hull can carry a significant expedition load, the cockpit is roomy and comfortable, and the foreward day hatch makes it easy to access those small on-water essentials. The G.T. is an excellent choice for expedition paddling, weekend touring, or a few hours of coastal exploration.

High Volume

With a generous allocation of space inside the cockpit and hatches, the G.T. is more than capable for expedition use.

Symmetrical Form

The widest section is at the center of the boat and at the center of the cockpit, providing exceptional balance and maneuverability.

Blended Hull Form

Styled with soft chines, the flattened U-shape of the G.T. remains stable and relaxed even when put well over on edge.

Low Back Deck

Whether practicing rolls or self-rescues, the unobtrusive coaming and low back deck will aid in all back deck pursuits.

The hull shape transitions from a full-figured vee at the bow entry point into a rounded forward section and a flattened-U beneath the cockpit. It is then rounded again under the aft hatch before blending into short keel section and pronounced stern.

The bow and stern sections of the hull have been designed to work together to lessen over-pitching as the nose rides over large waves. Enhanced volume distribution creates a balanced boat that results in an unusually smooth and dry ride. While the rounded hull sections provide a cushioning effect in waves, the flattened-U centre section facilitates a lean that is easy and progressive. The result is predictable and confident edging that allows the bow and stern to “break-away”. Responsiveness is quick with an impressive turn rate; as soon as the edge is removed, the boat tracks straight again with minimal overturning. The shaping of the bow and stern sections allows for small heading changes and corrections with minimal edge. The hull is shaped to aid the paddler and minimize broaching in following seas.

The G.T. deck is shaped to shed water quickly and has a conventional hatch layout with a round front hatch and rear oval. There is a day hatch behind the cockpit and a smaller ‘pocket’ day hatch just ahead of the paddler. Standard items include internally tethered Kajaksport hatches, flat-tab, flush mounted deck fittings, adjustable footplate and saddle system, and a skeg under tension.

Standard Layup: $4600.00

Weight: 58lb

Hand-laid construction
Polyester resin matrix
Fiberglass cloth hull
Chopped strand mat deck

The standard layup gives a robust and hard-wearing kayak at the lowest cost.

Premier Layup: $6200.00

Weight: 46lb

Vacuum bag construction
Epoxy resin
Carbon/Kevlar fabric
Spheretex flush-laid reinforcing keel and ribs

The Premier layup provides the greatest amount of weight reduction.  This construction provides an ease of handling on and off the water as well as a significantly increased hull speed.

Carbon fiber coaming | $160

Carbon fiber seat | $160

KeelEazy Keel strip | $160

Reinforcements for sail kit | $150

Custom bulkhead location | $140

Extra Deck/Hull Color (per color) | $140

3-Piece Construction | $1200

The kayaks shown below are samples of Rockpool’s unique colorways, custom graphics, and metal flake options.