The CADENCE X is a mid-sized Euro blade with a popular shaping derived from the Cadence.

The CADENCE X is the result of customer requests to use our popular Cadence blade shape and give it more surface area for additional power. We added 80cm2 and the results are amazing.
The CADENCE X has loads of power, is extremely stiff, and light weight which means you can navigate any environment with confidence. Whether you are touring, surfing, playing in a tide race, or enjoying a sunny weekend cruise, the CADENCE X is your paddle of choice.

Straight Shaft: $489

Neutral Bent Shaft: $566

Paddle Weight (g/oz): 700 / 24

Blade Area (cm2/in2): 650 / 100

Length: 205cm / 210cm / 215cm / 220cm

Shaft Type: Straight / Neutral Bent Shaft


Aerospace-quality foam is used for the spline of the CADENCE X, resulting in a blade with outstanding stiffness and light weight.


Lendal shafts and blades contain 6 layers of carbon, resulting in paddles with an unparalleled strength to weight ratio. The shaft lay-up was engineered using multiple types of carbon to provide the strength and flex patterns needed for all paddling conditions. The holy grail in carbon composite manufacturing is to make parts that are 65 percent carbon by weight, and 35 percent resin by weight. Our processes and mold making capabilities at Lendal allow us to hit this target. Our competitors’ products are 50 – 50. The difference is noticeable.


All Lendal NA paddles have an ergonomic grip which makes the paddle feel as if it is part of your hand. This is possible due to our propriety state-of-the-art bladder chemistry and molding used to create a shaft that is incredibly strong, light, and physiologically accurate. The pronounced oval shaped shafts make the paddle feel like an extension of the arm, making advanced maneuvers – such as rolling – a snap. The current grip geometry is the result of test studies where it was preferred by 95% of US, European, and Asian world-class paddlers. One try and any paddler will agree it’s simply superior to any other shaft on the market.


The LEVERLOK is a robust joint that provides continuous feather adjustments, left or right handed compliance, and length extension up to 5 cm. This durable, reliable system easily detaches and connects without tools. You can rest assured that this system will perform in the most extreme situations. The Leverlok is the standard system on all two piece paddles.

Our patented PADDLOK system gives our four piece paddles the feel, and security of a one-piece paddle. You can quickly and easily lock our shafts and blades together, or take them apart using the Paddlok key. The Paddlok system is only available with a custom four piece paddle and is used at the blade/shaft junction. The mid-shaft is joined by our Leverlok system.

Available with our Neutral Bent Shaft or straight shaft.

We bladder mold our shafts while most companies use a squeezing process. By working from the inside out, we avoid creasing or wrinkling the carbon cloth which creates weak spots in the shaft.

Neutral Bent Shaft

Our NBS, is a more thoughtful design than you have seen from other paddle manufacturers. Working with physiologists, we decreased the angle of the first bend to better match the natural angle of your wrist thus reducing stress and strain to that joint. We also added two inches to the grip area. This means you have more room to move your hands around, just like you would with a straight shaft. If you have given up on crank shafts because of previous experience, give a Lendal NBS a try. You will change your mind.

Shaft Indexing.

Touch your thumb to your fingertips, making an “O” with your hand. Is the shape your fingers make a perfect circle? Of course not, so why is your paddle shaft round? By using a round paddle shaft, you are putting extra strain on your hands and the tendons. The first thing that you will notice when picking up a Lendal paddle is the shape of the shaft. We mold our shafts with a pronounced index that matches the shape of your hand.

Lendal has pioneered a process of printing directly on carbon fiber cloth which means designs are part of the blade lay-up. These designs will never fade or wear off. Our technology also allows us to create custom designs for you.

Available in two designs; Red Hex or black carbon fiber.