Recovery and Rescues | 3 Hours | $110

An in-depth course to help paddlers recover from a capsize and re-enter a sea kayak.

No experience necessary | Sea Kayaks

Offering a more comprehensive lesson in rescue and recovery techniques than our Introduction to Sea Kayaking class, this three-hour class is ideally suited to paddlers who want to explore multiple means of self and assisted rescues. We will teach technically-sound maneuvers that will aid in re-entering a kayak following a capsize. You will learn proper usage of paddle floats, rescue stirrups, and bailing implements, as well as multiple strategies to aid and assist fellow capsized paddlers or distressed swimmers. No experience is necessary.

– It is recommended that clients arrive 30 minutes early to complete paperwork; get properly fitted for paddles, kayaks, and life jackets; and pack essentials in boats.

– All equipment is included.

The following items have been put together to help ensure that your paddling experience with us is comfortable safe and enjoyable. All items are required. Please make sure you have these items well in advance of your scheduled lesson or tour.

•A completed Liability Waiver and Medical Questionnaire
•Shoes that can get wet (any shoes that will stay secured to your feet while swimming)
•Waterproof storage bag or box for keys, phone, camera etc.
•Sunglasses with retaining strap and a Hat or Cap (If you wear contacts, please bring an extra pair)
•Bathing Suit or Synthetic Shorts, and a Synthetic Fabric Shirt (Please avoid wearing cotton)
•Windbreaker/light-weight rain jacket, Large beach towel and a Dry change of clothes
•Water resistant sunscreen, a Snack and a Large bottle of water
•Allergy medications for all severe reactions – bee stings, asthma, peanut allergies, etc.)

Directions to Route 7 Pond

1. FROM I-95, take exit 15 and merge onto US-7N
2. US-7N will end at a signal. Turn right at the signal onto Grist Mill Road.
3. After .2 miles, Grist Mill road will end at a signal. Turn left at the signal onto Danbury Road.
4. Drive 1.6 miles on Danbury Road. The access road to the pond will be on the left between the electrical sub-station and Rings End Lumber.
5. Drive through the gate and down the gravel road. Once in the clearing, please park to one side of the clearing.

Reservations are required for all programs and may be made online or over the phone. Payment is due in full at the time of the reservation. We accept all major credit cards.

Cancellations with 48 hours or more notice before the program start time will receive a full refund. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will result in forfeiture of the entire program fee. In the event that Sea Kayak Connecticut cancels a class or a tour due to lack of minimum enrollment, severe weather, or an emergency, clients may opt to reschedule their program or receive a full refund. 

All scheduled programs will run rain or shine. A few sprinkles won’t keep us off the water, so please pack a light rain jacket if showers are in the forecast. Should Sea Kayak Connecticut determine that the weather conditions are unsuitable for an upcoming program; we will cancel the class/tour and contact you via e-mail, text or by phone. In the event of anticipated rainy or windy conditions, our guides will make an at-the-launch decision as to whether or not to launch. Please plan on attending your program regardless of the weather in your immediate area or the forecast at the launch site.

For All Outdoor Programs you may either bring your own equipment or we’ll supply it for you at no additional charge. We do not provide discounts for bringing your own equipment. Clients may bring their own sea kayaks provided they are sea worthy, at least fourteen feet in length, have bulkheads fore and aft, sealed hatches, and perimeter deck lines. For sit-on-top programs, clients may bring their own sit-on-top kayaks provided they are sea worthy. Please contact us if you are unsure as to whether or not your equipment is suitable for one of our programs. Breathable life jackets will be provided and must be worn by all participants.

Forms including liability release forms and a confidential medical questionnaire are required for each program from each participant. Please complete all paperwork prior to arriving for your class or tour.

12 Years Old is the minimum age requirement for participating in classes and tours. Please also note that we only provide singleperson kayaks for our tours and classes.

Paddle-specific clothing is highly recommended for all programs. Essentially, dress as if you are going swimming. We’ll do our best to keep you high and dry but wearing the right clothes will make for a much safer and far more enjoyable paddling experience. Wearing synthetic shirts and shorts, a ball cap and pair of shoes that can get wet will make for a comfortable day out on the water.

Personal Info is asked of you so that we may properly fit you to your kayak, paddleboard, paddle, life jacket and spray skirt.

Punctuality and Preparedness are two hallmarks of Sea Kayak Connecticut. To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy every minute of the scheduled program, it is very important that clients arrive on time. Please arrive having everything on the Paddlers Checklist completed and in-hand 30 minutes prior to the program start time.

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