Our rental season will reopen on Memorial Day weekend and we are excited to introduce more of the Hobie Step Boards that were so popular last year as well as Hobie Pedal Kayaks and the six-person standup paddleboard better known as The Mothership.

We look forward to the return of all of our regulars as well as new faces from across the tri-state area. We will soon be rolling out an online reservation software so that rentals, tours, and classes may now be made online, over the phone, or in person.  Bring your pets, your friends, and a big smile. We are happy to put all three out on the Saugatuck River again this year.

-Sea Kayak Connecticut

Our kayaks, paddleboards, step-boards, and pedal kayaks can all be rented online, over the phone, or in person. We strongly encourage weekend rentals to be made several days in advance.


All kayak rentals come with premium lumbar supporting seats, comfortable, breathable life jackets, and lightweight carbon-shaft paddles that make for a first-rate paddling experience.

Rental includes a Single Kayak, a Paddle, and a Life Jacket.

$30 per hour

Rental includes a Double Kayak, Two Paddles, and Two Life Jackets.

$40 per hour, $125 for 4-hrs

Rental includes a Pedal Kayak, a Spare Paddle, and a Life Jacket.

$40 per hour, $125 for 4-hrs


All standup paddleboard rentals come with foam deck pads, coiled ankle leashes, comfortable life jackets, and lightweight, adjustable carbon-shaft paddles that will make for

Rental includes a Standup Paddleboard, Paddle, and a Life Jacket.

$30 per hour

Rental includes Hobie Pedalboard, Leash, and Life Jacket.

$35 per hour

Rental includes Jumbo Paddleboard, Six Paddles, and Six Life Jackets.

$140 per hour, $375 for 3-hrs


Save a little money and buy in bulk with our Multi-Packs

(5) 2-hr blocks, Paddleboard or Single Kayak


(5) 2-hr blocks, Double Kayak


Pedal-Pack Five

(5) 2-hr blocks, Step-Board or Pedal Kayak



A max. of two hours of paddling every day. Weekends require an online reservation must fall between 9-11am and 3-5pm.

1 Adult – Paddlecraft Only


2 Adults – Paddlecraft Only


2 Adults & 2 Children – Paddlecraft Only