The Rockpool Tarantella – the future of low-volume, high-performance touring kayaks.

Following in the footsteps of it bigger brothers, the record-breaking Taran and Taran 16, the Tarantella was launched to provide the same critically acclaimed features in a more compact design.

Hull: Length: 16 feet 8 inches (5.08m) – Width: 20.25 inches (0.52m) – Volume: 82.4 gallons (312 liters)

Cockpit: Inside: 30″ x 15.75″ (75.81 x 40.20cm) – Outside: 30.5″ x 18.25″ (83.81 x 46.40cm)

Developed in response to popular demand, the Tarantella is designed specifically for smaller and lighter paddlers. It features the same distinctive bow, long waterline, and flat hull making it a fast, dry kayak to paddle both up and down-wind. Combining speed with maneuverability, the Tarantella is a performance driven design that will suit the smaller framed paddler looking for a fast, stable, and responsive kayak. Similar to the Taran 16, the Tarantella performs perfectly when loaded with gear but also makes an exceptional training boat; one that is just as much at home on choppy seas as it is on flat water.

Innovative Design

A fast touring boat that incorporates a plumb bow, a peaked foredeck and a flattened hull.

Low Volume

A form-fitting and efficient kayak that is easy to maneuver and a pleasure to paddle.

Long Waterline Length

With a plumb bow and stern, the Tarantella provides exceptional hull speed by using every inch of its nearly seventeen feet of waterline length.

SmartTrack Rudder and Toe Controls

The patented SmartTrack control system combines nautical science, high-tech materials, and ergonomic design to produce precise, efficient, and comfortable steering.

The high peaked bow gives a dry ride and punches through rough conditions. The flattened U-shaped center section ensures the fast hull is not compromised in terms of stability or maneuverability. All Tarantella  kayaks are fitted with the SmartTrack rudder system, enhancing the handling and giving easy and precise heading changes. Without the rudder deployed, the Tarantella responds positively to a slight edge.

The hull section begins with a deep V at the bow, blending into a tapered and flattened U-section for the center, and fading back to a buoyant V section for the stern. A combination of rocker and deadwood shaping gives good maneuverability and positive reaction to steering and edging. The stern is blended smoothly to give low drag whilst maintaining plenty of volume for enhanced handling in following seas. The hull was designed to enhance downwind performance while minimizing the tendency to broach.

Three primary hatches and a fourth pocket hatch come standard. The fore and aft hatches are are roomy and offer a generous 50 gallons of combined storage. An eight inch circular day hatch provides easy access to frequently needed items while the forward pocket hatch serves the same needs for smaller on-water necessities.  The rear deck utilizes an oval hatch that can easily accommodate larger pieces of gear. With the absence of a skeg box inside the stern compartment, the storage area provided is considerable.

Standard features include internally tethered Kajaksport hatches, Rockpool flat-tab, flush mounted deck fittings and deck rigging for split paddle storage. The bow has a toggle setup while the stern provides a heavy-duty grab handle located forward of the rudder system.

Standard Layup: $4600.00

Weight: 55lb

Hand-laid construction
Polyester resin matrix
Fiberglass cloth hull
Chopped strand mat deck

The standard layup gives a robust and hard-wearing kayak at the lowest cost.

Premier Layup: $6250.00

Weight: 42lb

Vacuum bag construction
Epoxy resin
Carbon/Kevlar fabric
Spheretex flush-laid reinforcing keel and ribs

The Premier layup provides the greatest amount of weight reduction.  This construction provides an ease of handling on and off the water as well as a significantly increased hull speed.

Carbon fiber coaming | $160

Carbon fiber seat | $160

Gel coated Kevlar front crash guard | $85

Gel coated Kevlar rear crash guard | $75

Reinforcements for sail kit | $150

Custom bulkhead location | $140

Extra Deck/Hull Color (per color) | $140

3-Piece Construction | $1200

The kayaks shown below are samples of Rockpool’s unique colorways, custom graphics, and metal flake options.